Bottle Measurements

Bottle Measurements

The bottle of cava differs from that of wine by two characteristics:
– The upper thickness of the glass
– The cone-shaped bottom of the base. Since it is necessary for it to support and resist the pressure of the gas in the second fermentation during the manufacturing process.

The most common and used bottle of cava is the 75cl, base measure with which the rest of the bottles multiply their capacity.

o Magnum: 1,5l (2 bottles)
or Jeroboam: 3l (4 bottles)
o Rehoboam: 4,5l (6 bottles)
of Jerusalem: 6l (8 bottles)
o Salmanazar: 9l (12 bottles)
the Baltazar: 12l (16 bottles)
Nebuchadnezzar: 15l (20 bottles)

Currently more capacity bottles have been manufactured, like Solomon 18l (24 bottles), el Sovereign of 26.25l (35 bottles), the Primate of 27l (36 bottles) or the 30l Melchizédec (40 bottles), but they are very difficult to find

All the names of the bottles bigger than the Magnum come from kings of the Bible, except Souverain and Primat.

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